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Introduction to Go in Japanese

Go is an intellectual game to fight on "Go board".
"Go board" and "go stone" are necessary for a Go game.

Go board is called "Goban" in Japanese.
As for the official "Goban", 19 straight lines are pictured in length
and breadth to the board of the tree, and a grid is made.
"high-quality Goban" is made with the tree called "Kaya", and Goban is supported with a decorated wooden leg.

As for the simplest "Goban", nine straight lines were drawn on the paper, and a grid was made.
"Nine line Goban" is for exercises.

The Go stone is called "Goishi" in Japanese.
Goishi is discal,and the size is slightly smaller than 1 grid.
The color of Goishi is black and white.

There are made with glass or plastic.
Goishi of the high-quality article is made with a beautiful stone of clam and nature.

In Japan, we are very cheap and can get in the Go set of the toy.
We can substitute the simple Go set with the set of the Reversi .

The contestant of this game puts "a black Goishi" or "a white Goishi" on the point of intersection of the grid according to a rule. And they compete for the number of the point of intersection that they own.

Basic rule of the Go game