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Tales of old Japan: The reason why the water of the sea is salty

This story is a story of the time when the water of the sea was not salty.
An older brother and a younger brother lived in some place.
The older brother was a rich person, but the younger brother was poor.
At the end of the year, the younger brother was not able to buy rice with poverty.
It is Japanese manners and customs to offer rice to god controlling a zodiacal year.
Therefore he went to the house of the older brother to borrow rice.
However, the older brother insulted a younger brother, and the older brother did not lend the rice to
a younger brother.
The younger brother strolled aimlessly.

the younger brother was called out to the old man of a white mustache.

When a younger brother walked the mountain path, he was called out by the old man who grew a white mustache.
"Where do you want to go to?"
The younger brother confided that there was not rice to offer to God.
The old man sympathized with a younger brother.
And the old man gave a younger brother small mugi-manju.
"mugi-manju" is steamed Japanese bread.
And the old man told it.
"Go to the temple over there.
There is dwarfs in the hole with the small hole on the back of the temple
They will want the mugi-manju.
You trade the mugi-manju in return for the quernstone of their treasure.
You must not trade with gold."

The younger brother went to the temple shown the old man.
The old man was right, and there were dwarfs in the hole of the back of the temple.
The dwarfs wanted mugi-manju which the younger brother had.
And they wanted to trade much gold in return for the mugi-manju.
The younger brother answered it that I wanted this quernstone than gold.
Dwarfs were perplexed.
This quernstone is quernstone of the magic that the thing which I want can give.
However, dwarfs wanted the mugi-manju.
Therefore dwarfs offered a younger brother the quernstone unwillingly.

The younger brother went home with pleasure.
And he turned the quernstone to the right while asking the quernstone when "I wanted rice".
Then rice sprang out from the quernstone.
He turned Usuishi to the left. Then rice did not appear.
He took out much food in this way.
And he took out the big mansion.

The younger brother invited a relative and neighboring people and held a banquet.
The older brother was mysterious.
Because the younger brother did not have some rice until a while ago either.
The older brother watched the action of the younger brother.
And the older brother knew that a younger brother took out the thing which he wanted from the quernstone.
The older brother made up his mind to take this quernstone.

This night, older brother entered the room to steal the quernstone.
There were a lot of sweet cakes near the quernstone.
He held the quernstone, but he came to want the cake, too.
He stole the quernstone and many sweet cakes and left the house of the younger brother.

The older brother went to the sea to escape far.
And he got into a small boat.
When a boat left the shore, he felt relieved.
He was hungry probably because he felt relieved.
Therefore he ate a lot of sweet cakes.
Then he came to want a salty thing this time.
However, there is not the salty thing in the boat.
He asked the quernstone "to want salt". And he turned the quernstone.
Then salt sprang out from the quernstone.

However, the older brother did not know the method to stop.
He continued turning Usuishi while shouting, "it did not need the salt".
The small ship became full of salt.
The boat has overturned with heaviness of the salt in a few minutes.
Usuishi was thrown out into the sea with an older brother.
Still it continues turning around, and Usuishi continues producing salt.

For such a reason, the water of the sea is salty.
The scientific reason why the water of the sea is salty.
1,Salt included in a rock and the soil dissolves in rainwater.
2,The water including the salt gathers in the river, and the water of the river flows through the sea.
3,As for the water of the sea, only fresh water evaporates by solar heat.
The salt is left in the sea.
4,The water of the sea became salty by nature having repeated 3 from 1 in long time
This old tale may be a story to admonish a greedy person.