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Tales of old Japan: Kasa Jizou

Because the common people pray, "Jizou" is an image in the Buddhism.
"JIzou" is made with a stone.
The size of "Jizou" is a small child.
There is "Jizou" in each place a lot in modern Japan.
"Jizou" is a guardian deity of the children in Japan.
The lower photograph is "Jizou" in the temple.

"Kasa" interrupts light of the sun, and "Kasa" prevents the head from getting wet in the rain.
"Kasa" is something like old Japanese hat.
In modern Japan, people working on a farm and people doing fishing may put it on.
There is the doll which puts it on the head in the Japanese doll.

Once upon a time an old couple lived in some place.
They were good people.
However, they were not able to buy a rice cake though tomorrow was New Year holidays because they did not have money.
The old man went to sell "Kasa" which oneself made to the town.
However, there was not the applicant who bought it.
The old man was disappointed.
Besides, unfortunately, it snowed.

The old man saw "Jizou" in a way back.
"Guardian deity of children" was six.
They lined up on the roadside.
It snowed on their body, and they seemed to be cold.
The old man felt sorry for "Jizou".
Therefore the old man covered with "Kasa" on the head of "Jizou"

It is the break of day of on the next morning that is New Year holidays.
The old couple heard a voice from the outside of their house.
"Where is the house of the good old man?"
"Where is the house of the good old woman?"
They heard the sound that they put baggage in front of their house afterwards.
Much rice and vegetables were put in front of their house.
And the old couple watched six back figures of "Ojzou" in the distance.