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Tales of old Japan: Ubasute-yama

This story is a legend that has been handed down in Chikuma-shi, Nagano.
Once upon a time this district had convention to throw away an old man to the mountain.
Because this district had few fields, food was short.

One day he went to throw away aged father to the mountain.
Because it was the convention from old days, they gave it up.
He carried father on his back and went into the heart of a mountain.
Father occasionally broke the branch of the tree.
Father said to a son that they arrived at the destination.
"You follow the branch which I broke, and go down the mountain.
Then, you can return to the house of he you without being at a loss"
The son felt that I am sorry that he abandoned father who worried about oneself to the death.
The son made up his mind to break the rules of the village.
He covered his father under the floor of his house.
Then in a few minutes,
the feudal-lord of this area imposed responsibilities on a difficult problem by the feudal-lord of neighboring country.

The first turn of the difficult problem braid a rope in ash.
The second difficult problem was to put a thread through the conch.

The feudal-lord promised a reward for the person who solved the problem remuneration.
The son talked about the problem with his father whom he sheltered under a floor.
The father answered.
"You soak a rope into salt water and bake the rope.
You tie sewing thread to a piece of rice and then brace an ant with a piece of rice. Then you put the ant in a conch and turn
the exit of the conch to bright."
The son experimented on the method that his father taught.
As a result, the problem that the feudal-lord showed was settled.
The feudal lord was pleased.
And he knew that it was the wisdom of the old man.
After this, the feudal-lord forbade it to abandon all old man.