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Tales of old Japan: Ominaeshi(Dahurian patrinia)

Ominaeshi is Japanese name of Dahurian patrinia.
And this story is a story of the times when a capital of Japan was in Kyoto.
This story is a legend that has been handed down in Yawatashi, Kyoto.
It is near Iwashimizuhachimangu shrine.
Yawatashi is approximately 13km away from Kyoto-shi close to Osaka.

The man lived in old days at the foot of Otokoyama-mountain in Yawatashi.
The name of this man was Yorikaze Ono.
Yorikaze fell in love with the woman who lived in the capital.
However, Yorikaze had become attached to the other woman as the years pass.
The woman who lived in the capital was jealous.
She tramped about around the house of Yorikaze for jealous.
She threw the body to the river near the house of Yorikaze at last and committed suicide.
When it was autumn, a flower of Ominaeshi bloomed in her grave.
Yorikaze chided himself for betraying his spouse and killed myself.

This old tale of tragic love story came to be known for a Noh song.