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Tales of old Japan: Kaguya-hime(Princess Kaguya)

This story is said to be a model of "Taketori-monogatari"
"Taketori-monogatari" is oldest story in literature in Japan.

A long time ago,An aged couple lived in somewhere.
They made a bamboo work and made living.
The aged husband of this story is named "Taketori-no-okina".
The meaning of "Taketori-no-okina" is an old man taking the bamboo.

Taketori-no-okina went to a bamboo grove to take the bamboo.
Then, there was the bamboo which the root glistened with.

He approached the bamboo fearfully.
Then there was the small pretty girl that nobody looked in the bamboo.
He carried the girl home.
And the aged couple brought up the girl like their child.
Because they were not blessed with a child.

The girl became an adult within about three months.
Because she was more beautiful than anyone else, she was named "Kaguya".
The beauty of the Kaguya princess gets around in the country.
As a result,noble young men proposed to kaguya.
Above al,five men makes a dead set at Kaguya.
Kaguya asked it to bring a thing in the each them.
And she promised to marry the man who brought it.

The thing which Kaguya demanded was the next thing.
Bowl of the stone which Buddha used,
Branch of the jewel of the Mt. Houra,
Leather clothes of the fire mouse which does not burn,
Five colors of jewels which a dragon sprinkles to a neck,
"koyasugai" which there is in the nest of the swallow.
"koyasugai" is a beautiful conch called a cowrie.
This conch is a lucky charm of the easy delivery.
Because the thing which Kguya required was the thing which did not exist, all of them failed.

The beauty of Kaguya traveled to Emperor,
then Emperor ordered Kaguya to serve the Imperial Court.
However, Kaguya refused the order of Emperor.

And Kaguya confessed "There was me on the ground to compensate for the crime that I committed in heavens.
I must return to the heavens at the night of the next full moon"
the old couple cried sadly.
Emperor let a soldier dispatch to repel the person sent to meet from the heavens.
However, as for soldiers, a body did not move when the person sent to meet from the heavens came.
kaguya ascended to heaven calmly.