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Tales of old Japan: Akai-ito(destined soul mate)

A Japanese legend concluded with the partner who will marry in the future with "Akai-ito(red thread)"exists.
We do not understand this legendary origin clearly.
However, the next story appears in the oldest career history book "Kojiki" of Japan.
(The establishment of "Kojiki" is 712 years in the Christian era.
"Kojiki" is not an official history book.
However, "Kojiki" was approved by the then Emperor.
The oldest official history book is "Nihon-shoki".
"Nihon-shoki" was established for 720 years in the Christian era)

It is a story close to the Mt. Miwa in Sakurai-shi, Nara.
A beautiful young woman lived with her parents.
She was called "Ikutamayorihime"

She became pregnant.
However, She did not have a husband, and the lover.
Her parents were mysterious.
Therefore they asked Ikutamayorihime.
She answered it, "the man of an excellent appearance visited at the midnight"

Her parents piled red soil in front of the doorway of her bedroom.
They prepared much hemp thread and attached an uncus needle to one end of the hemp thread.
And they gave her an order.
"When a man returns, grapple the clothes of the man with an uncus needle "

On the next morning when the man visited, only three bundles of hemp thread was left.
The hemp thread posted the red soil which her parents piled in the doorway of the bedroom and turned red.
They followed the red hemp thread.
They arrived at Miwa Shrine before long.
The man who impregnated Ikutamayorihime was a son of God of Mt. Miwa.
(God of Mt. Miwa is "Oomononushi")

The story that God impregnates a human woman is common in Greek myths, this legend is the same type.
However, it is unknown whether this story is linked to "destined soul mate".
Will the man of the partner be god for the woman who fell in fatal love?
A woman of the partners will be goddess for the man who fell in love.
There is a wise saying, "the man becomes God of the Greek myth when she falls in love, and the woman becomes a goddess"

A certain woman said,"A person has 12 red threads"
But, I did not seem to have "a red thread" by nature.
Please give me a destined woman.